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She Walks Through The Dales At Night

written by: Satyam Tiwari



She walks amidst the woods in the silence of the night
Clad in a dazzling gown as white as a lily and bright
Darling moon blushes and fear
With deep pants, he thinks as if she is
approaching him very near
A squirrel comes out of his burrow
Bewitched lured by a beauty he starts to follow
As she approaches near the brook
She stands there for a while to have a look
A crimson rose blossoms on her face
She dreams of a youth who was going to embrace
In his arms, he subdued her and reposed
Her eyes transfixed and she felt transposed
Folks talk about that fair maid
Who still dwells in those lovely dales


(C) Satyam Tiwari

Satyam Tiwari

Satyam Tiwari

I am an English literature graduate from Tilkamanji Bhagalpur University, Bihar. At present I am persuing my Post Graduation in English from Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. I am a budding poet and I love writing about nature and I am interested in New Literature.
Satyam Tiwari

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