SIC (to attack), poetry by Damilola Oyedeji at
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SIC (to attack)

SIC (to attack)

written by: Damilola Oyedeji



Spread out like the world’s lid-
Sometimes engulfed in nature’s fiery circle,
Sometimes adorned with immaculate sprinkles on black pillows,

You were the sky.

I forage fondest memories of you in this present plain,
I find that they are hidden in realms beyond; stars are the puddles of your feet
I call upon the girl with an oversized smile from nights so far & you too, I call, but

You are a distant land from my finger.

Cease not I to shake the world by its shoulders, to
Command it to summon Lazarus- I
Cease not to demand a rebirth- “come forth!” my heart prays with wistfulness, but

Alas father! your pearly stones of sight
have no more cheerful glint- they have seen the
dark winds whispering in the day &
now this is what you have become;
a tale of riotous rage.

You are a bloody hand I will not lick from.

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