Silent Battles, Unseen Strength, a poem by Michael R. at
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Silent Battles, Unseen Strength

Silent Battles, Unseen Strength

written by: Michael Ridinger



In the ink, a tale of silent battles,
A semicolon whispers of paused fatalities,
A promise etched in skin, “I got your six,”
A pact of warriors, in resilience mixed.

Teal traces the path of a mind’s unrest,
Black, the weight of hearts that can’t digest
The trauma and the loss, the silent screams,
Red, for blood and sacrifice, it seems.

Not all wounds glisten with the sheen of scars,
Some are veiled beneath the surface, barred
From eyes that seek but cannot see
The hidden struggles, the quiet plea.

Yet, in this emblem, strength is found,
In solidarity, we are bound.
To carry on, to fight, to heal,
To acknowledge every pain we feel.

For in the depths of mental strife,
We find the courage, the will to fight.
A reminder that we’re not alone,
In the silent wars, privately known.

So here’s to strength, to the unseen fights,
To resilience in the darkest nights,
To mental health, a journey long,
With ;IGY6, we are strong.



Silent Battles, Unseen Strength, a poem by Michael R. at“IGY6” stands for “I Got Your Six,” which is a military term meaning “I’ve got your back.” It’s a symbol of support and solidarity, particularly within the military and first responder communities, for those struggling with mental health issues like PTSD.

The phrase “Not All Wounds Are Visible” emphasizes that not all injuries are physical and that mental health struggles are also significant. This tattoo often serves as a reminder that the person is not alone and that there is a network of support available.

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