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written by: Aida


Deafening silence echoes through the land, raped by catastrophic disturbances.
Vibrating from a deep dark tunnel of no return and caught in a hell of volcanic fire.
Desperate soul tormented, tears, silently drop, shaken and trembling in horrific occurrences.

Unspoken words, shattered, while the earth poured rain and hail storms, begging for attention to a climate change. While nurturing plants and all living things are in joyful salutations, without a word feasting to quench the last drop but accidentally soaked in flash flood.

After the hard fall of stormy night, rays of hope appear in the break of the dawn, a fresh cool breeze, caresses the heart of the deprived souls.
The sunset in a warm orange glow before the deadly frost arrives. It’s God the almighty, breaks the silent cry of the destitute, replaces it with jubilation after the deadly turbulence of Mother Earth.

The foggy morning of autumn looks creepy in every corner of the earth, spreading chill. A shower of snowflakes breaks in, it drizzles the wet ground in white powder. Suddenly, it covers the whole earth. The silent night is no longer holy, it’s freezing below zero. The dark clouds endlessly pouring thick snow and leaving icy crystals, hanging overnight on the trees. Animals, hibernating in their burrow, sheltering their babies from cold bites.



Retired Special education school teacher in Public school. After I became disabled, I became passionate with prose and poetry as therapy. I published children’s books and anthologies with group of poets. I even joined 24 hours challenge writing poetry with prompt every hour.

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