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written by: Michelle Dark


The boat is rocking
The boat is rocking
Alone in motion lost at sea
Secrets in the clouds I keep
The ocean laps waves over me.

I stare into the murky water
Where a once strong woman swam
Just a stranded, lonely lover
Dissolved once more to grains of sand.

The boat is rocking
The boat is rocking
Wind whipped sails of mystery
Compass long lost overboard
Uncharted starlit territory

I Scream into the ink soaked sky
Naked sounds of misery
My pain so deeply felt within me
Throat sore with rage and aching need

The boat is rocking
The boat is rocking
No more feeling dispossessed
Salt sore lips say nothing more
Siren's voice has been repressed

I sunk into the ocean floor
Lungs no longer taking breath
Grateful to have left the shore
The boat is rocking me to death.

Michelle Dark

Michelle Dark

Michelle Dark is a writer living in South East Victoria. Michelle loves Frida Kahlo, Grandmothers cooking books, baking and singing.
Michelle Dark

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