Slaves, a poem written by Aida, a retired teacher, at



written by: Aida


The horrendous tale that left,
a massive scar, pierced deeper, into her soul
Embedded, forever in her heart.
So many sleepless nights, awaken by painful nightmares.
Tears, endlessly flowing.

Women trafficking, abducting
Old and young, women and children
Bartering, trading services as slave
and for sex.

Emotional pain wrapped,
Horizontally for life.
Slashed, skinned, a hundred times a hundred.
Scourging physically,
Mentally tortured and emotionally abused.

Tears ran dry, whole body, numbed.
Inescapable emotion, need to let go,
Angrily hissing in a dark abandoned room.
Numbness, could hardly feel the fresh wound
Will it be forgotten and forgiven.

Enough, her shattered spirit screams.
Her weak body, surrenders for barter,
Trading, day and night and with no breaks
In exchange, not for money but,
for freedom.





Dedicated to women and children who are victims of Human trafficking and Slaves trading happening around the world.  This issue must not be taken for granted.

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