So early (?), poetry by J. Maciel Costa at
Tomas Kirvela

So early (?)

So early (?)

written by: J. Maciel Costa


So early!! (?)
Of course, it’s morning!
Autumn morning that chills our skin and quickens our spirit.
Streams of morning birds
lurk the dawn aiming for the sun at south,
vibrant on the glide in the air,
envying your warm milk,
your tender hand that butters the bread.
It’s time for the waning moon. You’re leaving any minute…
A Jay comes to thee to gain a crumb,
It’s my place in it
I am absent from my own body, sigh afflicted;
I bring birds on my back,
up, down and pausing
without me. Nonetheless,

Seeing you… I’m missing. there

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