Social Anxiety written by Marcus at

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

written by: Marcus


A life of misery and pain
Such feelings of disdain
It must be nice to express oneself
It must be nice, vitality and health

I don’t know why I travel this course
Down a trail of loneliness and remorse
As a child I recall being social and gay
Although now silence seems to be my forte

In a room full of friends and family alike
I want to implode and I feel that I might
The pressure is building, no exit in sight
I shake and I sweat in mysterious fright

The looks in their eyes have oh such disdain
The smirks on their faces only deepen the pain
I see a way out and scurry my feet
My heart rages on and skips a few beats

Again I go home recanting the night
Why can’t I be normal, or even alright
Again I’m alone and longing for you
Whoever you are, come make me anew

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