Softly, Spineless, Clueless, poetry by Iulia Gherghei at
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Softly, Spineless, Clueless

Softly, Spineless, Clueless

written by: Iulia Gherghei



Softly, the sidewalk loses its solidity
I walk on moving sands
Moving only in my head
My exhaustion makes me spineless
Practically, I glide
Any minute now, I will drain myself
Into the ground
I feel concomitant extremely heavy but also light, lighter, deprived of oxygen
My daughter, next to me, deliciously young
conquering easily entire male
Is clueless about the black turmoil that digs deeply at my feet
Her voice is the only thing that keeps me standing
I am not sure yet where to go
Up, like a fat balloon
Or, like molten lava
to pave the way to hell

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