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written by: hedgehog


When all alone and in retreat
I sit so quiet whilst on this seat
My mind at rest as I sit and think
Knowing that I am on the brink
I know my mind it can converse
As I'm all wrapped up in a new verse

From new ideas I enrich my mind
My knowledge grows as I'm defined
Each action as my mind detects
On each failure in my life reflects
My mind stands still as I sit and ponder
On words I'll write as my mind will wander
When all alone I can then allude
Why I accept and like this solitude



I'm a retired Civil Servant, I worked for the Ministry of Defence retiring at the age of fifty. I am now seventy years of age and was encouraged by my good friend Annie Mulholland in February 2016 to write short stories and poetry as she thought I was well capable of writing both. I started writing in earnest in June of 2016. I have joined a writing group "Tenovus write with us".

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