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written by: Kate Blake


Alone time allows me
       space to reflect
       motivation to connect
       provides insight

brings peace calm and satisfaction
liberates my mind and emotions
allows me to step outside societal norms
empowers me not to be spoon fed
to investigate what makes me tick
bringing better understanding of others
allows closer checking of my priorities
where did my habits come from
engages my true self worth
enables wiser choices

Provides tools
       to tame my erratic mind
       curb my volatile anger
       douse my pity parties

gives an opportunity to learn listen and engage
reminds me to take full advantage of alone time
provides a mine of treasures to reflect upon
opens my heart more authentically to others
as I understand all is temporary, a mere lesson
more objectivity when listening to others
tolerance of different perspectives
a shield to repel ignorance and hatred
until I find the peace within
conflict and emotions will cause turmoil!

Empowering me
       to go with the flow
       respect diversity
       be more tolerant

if I had to give it a colour it would be
the warm vibrant colours of a sunrise
it’s walking in and photographing nature
as she nurtures the spiritual connection
to country. Something our First Nation
Peoples acknowledge and respect
it’s allowed me to see the limitless well of
kind loving concern in everyone’s heart
sure some may need to dig deeper
but we will all find it there regardless

Shared time
       ignites my compassion
       instigates genuine concern
       motivates persistent effort

for these qualities are deep inside each of us
just some are more reluctant or slower to connect
it’s knowing I’m a small vital thread in a very large
sublime colourful closely interwoven tapestry
free to make my own mistakes and choices
each thread independent but totally interdependent
as we rely on each other for food shelter and safety
when these are ignored nature promptly reminds us
intimacy provides connection with others
introspection investigates that impact

yet mere words cannot really describe
what I find abiding deep inside
in order to grow everyone must know
we are without doubt ONE
completely unified within this majestic universe

I sincerely don’t comprehend when
others immerse themselves in distractions
Wary of solitude they give it no priority
are scared of what it might reveal
I prefer to pursue it with great zeal!

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