Some Supple Mermaid, poetry by Allison Gilliam at
Leticia Azevedo

Some Supple Mermaid

Some Supple Mermaid

written by: Allison Gilliam


I have wronged everyone
Who ever righted me
And all the ships
That my face launched
Have sailed out to sea
without me.

Sailors with such beautiful faces
Leaving me with only a taste of each
Condemning me to want all of them
Shimmering beneath the surface
Of my dreams.

Sailor, do as your heart obliges you, and
Never return to shore.
Make beneath the waves
A home and
Some supple mermaid
Your wife
For a life
Upon land would be your death
And me as your mistress
Your captor.
Oh god, never again let him
See the sun peek over the horizon
Or, let him run aground
Some foreign shore too beautiful to leave
Giving me my just reward
Of a lifetime of his memory
To grieve.

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