sometimes i cradle life when i'm next to you at

sometimes i cradle life when i’m next to you

sometimes i cradle life when i’m next to you

written by: PMMurphy



i found myself
etched in embers
from past burnt letters
made to entice you

i found myself
tapping into an underlying
soul; one dripping
of my own
luminescent life

i found myself
lost in forgotten memories
as one can only see
what life brings

while knowing the end
but not my future
i tend to break apart
all sensical thought
as one can only be
meant to surface under
drowned intentions.

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Hi my name is Patrick Murphy, I am a writer in the confessional genre of poetry.
I write for fun and hobby first and enjoy it as an art form.
My goal is to help fight stigma when it comes to mental illness.
This publication is part 5 of 5 in the series Heart Strings