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Song & Dance

Song & Dance

written by: Feby Joseph


How can I sing? I’ll quote and remember
how I sang and danced – My harp, dried leather
knows the chords so well, even a gust will be enough
to get the damned thing playing from memory

of Jerusalem – singing and dancing…
a never-ending ostinato; leitmotif celebrating
birth right – land of my forefathers where they sang
and danced with the same harp I play

their victory, celebrating, over
a mass of heathens and their land bequeathed
by an avenging and amnesiac god of wilderness,
their feet red with their blood.

I once sang songs of revenge –
Vengeance against the heathens who danced
in the blood of my ancestors who danced in the blood
of heathens; My own red feet remember

the leitmotif – song and dance…
As I sing about how I can’t sing in a foreign land,
I wonder, if somewhere, a heathen hangs his trumpet
And sing his cyclic sorrow.

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