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Sonnet For Shakespeare

Sonnet for Shakespeare

written by: Martin Brown



Dear William S, thou knowest not my name,
Though I’ve known thine a multitude of years.
I don’t deny thy influence nor fame
But there’s a disagreement twixt mine peers.
I have become a laughing stock it seems
Fair play to those who come to your defense
But they are unaware of my dark schemes.
My motivations will be clearer hence,
Much clearer than the shadows, which are dreams.
If I were stranded on a desert isle
Or even in a dungeon in yon town
The books I’d want would make me think and smile
I’d take all I could find by Martin Brown.
And while my fellow scribes all ponder life
I’m off to scoff some quince and tup the wife.


This sonnet was inspired by a stream of abuse I received after daring to post in a couple of places that I thought Shakespeare may be a little irrelevant in 2016. Whether or not I was being serious, it certainly provoked a lot of people to express their opinions, exactly what I was looking for!

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