Sonnet To A Velvet Rhapsody written by Ken Allan Dronsfield at

Sonnet To A Velvet Rhapsody

Sonnet to a Velvet Rhapsody

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



In a cool amber mist and wispy bonds;
a chilly stillness asleep in despair;
grayish clouds fading in a morning’s flair
dissolving above the bare trees and pond.
sunrise fights with pious tenacity;
to burn off this winters coolish caress;
warming of a spring soul without remiss,
return the land to its passivity.
O’ warming orb of stellar radiance;
watcher of time, forever descendant;
sultry trance, a chimerical beauty;
heated passion; wanton evanescence.
Winter’s heart has reluctantly withdrawn;
Bow down and pray; a velvet rhapsody.

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