Soul Return, a poem written by LadyLily at

Soul Return

Soul Return

written by: LadyLily



No swinging on sunbeams,
nor plaiting rainbows…
Just slogged one life journey.
A world of knocks, cracks, torture,
brook’s babbling laments my torment
over rocks of anger.
Selfish, whipping winds swallowed hope.

War, Presidential barrel bombs uncork daily,
leaded lightning spears deathly bolts
through florid bodies…
Sparks! Spitting, stinging.

My death from Earth, painless.
Elevated from wrinkled frame,
Never looked back…
I flew on crystal breezes
through mists of cobalt-blue.

Met a Lady, cheesecloth robed,
hair of cinnamon brown,
eyes Eden green, as jewels melting into snow,
honey-sweet lips, lilac soft.
Her footprints rippled faintly on sheets of lime grass.

Before enveloping her wondrous world
I gently tapped her shoulder…
‘May I ask… your name?’
Her voice, lyrical and glowing replied,
‘Mary, my dear.’
‘I am Ann…’
‘I know!’ the Lady smiled.
Her shadow nourished my soul
as mystic Moon’s magnolia face beamed.

No trophy or prizes, just enchantment,
charmed and honoured to be home.
A Lady of peace, a Prime being in a Heavenly City,
gathering my golden harvest,
listening to singing violet winds.

On earth I burrowed holes, dug deep,
hid, a stranger to myself,
remoulded my being into a waxen body,
Inside I screamed my grief…
…and the ghosts laughed. Pitied.

Home at last…
No approval needed or degrading actions,
nor Roses weeping crimson petals,
or dripping, drenching sheets of broken white
or Lilac’s fearful to sleep…
Here my secrets un-stolen,
I weave into who I am,
No more glassy breaths can singe me.

Presence of Blackbirds
chalking the air onyx,
sighs of Siskins and Swan’s glances
make me content…Alive!
As Mary softly takes my hand
my shadow spills droplets of happiness.

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