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Spillwords Press Awards 2017

Spillwords Press Awards 2017


Here were the nominees in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2016:

Author of the Year

Aaron McMillan
Anne G
Natalia Aeschliman
Kia Jones
Jose A. Gomez
The Quiet Quill
Beth Tremaglio
Bob Jensen
Alyssa Brocker
Donna Africa

Publication of the Year (Poetic)

Poet’s Muse – Anne G
Poetic Nightmares – Geovanni Villafañe
Regret – Christina Strigas
A Deep and Terrible Death – Joe Russo
Greed and War – Beth Tremaglio
Tampa – Bob Jensen
An Ode to Shapes – Alexa Cleasby
A Sultry Night – Jan Smith
Satori – Aparna Reddy
The Day Has Turned – Aaron McMillan

Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic)

El Yhwh Allah – Stanley Wilkin
Paid in Full – Daedalus Chaos
Photographer’s Journal – Gary L. De Jesus
Somber Slumbers – Austin Potter
Ol’ Neddy’s Whiskey – Daniel S Liuzzi
The Unfaithful Earl – Hemmingplay
Carretera 165 – Jose A. Gomez
The Picture – Seorin Kae
Social Anxiety – Rebecca Lombardo
The Warrior of Orphelia – Jasmin Mödlhammer

Publication of the Year (International)

Eres – Anne G
La Carrera – Jose A. Gomez
Abita-re – Maria Pia Dell’Omo
Aléjate – Natalia Aeschliman
La Borinqueña – Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez
Emociones – Cabecitaloca
Carmela – Maurizio Ricci
Tu Cárcel – Núria Segura Insa
La Gora Delle Metamorfosi – Giorgia Spurio


Criss Tripp @CrissTripp
Cristina Munoz @cristinamunoz8
Josie Dee @Josi3_dee
Hemmingplay @hemmingplay
Prospermind @prospermindWP
Joyce Butler @joycebwriter
Jenn Hope @Jennhope12
Shelley Ann @ShelleyVrgleski
J Marzec @AOE_Photography
Moxie McMurder @MoxieMcMurder


Anne G
Natalia Aeschliman
Bob Jensen
Jan Smith
Beth Tremaglio
The Quiet Quill
Leanne Yeoman
Robyn MacKinnon
Dilip Mohapatra

Series of the Year

Robyn Finds Poetry – Robyn MacKinnon
Words of Seduction – Anne G
Speak to Me? – Bob Jensen
Voices on Skin – Beth Tremaglio

Original Artwork (Artist)

Robyn MacKinnon
Carolina Russo
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
Gary L. De Jesus

Spoken Poetry

Don Knowles
Bob Jensen
TM DiSarro

And here are the winners in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2016:

Author of the Year Alyssa Brocker

Publication of the Year (Poetic) A Sultry Night by Jan Smith

Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic) The Unfaithful Earl by Hemmingplay

Publication of the Year (International) Abita-Re by Maria Pia Dell’Omo

Socialite J Marzec

Contributor Natalia Aeschliman

Series of the Year Words of Seduction by Anne G

Original Artwork (Artist) Robyn MacKinnon

Humanitarian of the Year (Honorary Award) Don Knowles

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