Spillwords Press Awards 2019


Here were the nominees in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2018:

Author of the Year

Eliza Segiet
Jan Smith
Barbara Avon
M. Taggart
Mark Kuglin
James Dean Collins
Ann Christne Tabaka
Copper Rose (Julie Eger)
Roger Turner
Steven M Baird
Aaron Marchant

Publication of the Year (Poetic)

We Want To Breathe… by Nishand Venugopal
Meaning by Jack Wolfe Frost
Pane by Alexander Wolff
2:30 AM by Pranjal Srivastava
Siren by Michelle Dark
Blind Roosevelt Graves by DeWayne Moore
Hyannis Harbor, 2007 by Kara Jackman
Alcoholism by Steve Pearson
O Beautiful by Beth Tremaglio
Agonizing Hours by Anne G
Blue Moon by Charlie Bottle
The Willow That Weeps by Laura Hughes

Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic)

Spotlight On Writers – Ann Christine Tabaka
…On Poetry and Fiction – Just “One Word” Away (“Love”) by Phyllis P. Colucci
Georgia, 1966 by P.A. O’Neil
Bonnie and Clyde by Steven M Baird
The Witches by Steve Carr
ZIZADORE by MZ Clarke (Marie Scampini)
A Stopping Place by R.E. Hengsterman
Strange and Mysterious Ways by Doug Donnan
The Family Sign by James Gabriel
The Creepy Clown Incident by John R Cobb
Ai: A Chinese Adventure In Sri Lanka by Asad Mian
Goodbye Old Tick Tock by Elizabeth Montague

Publication of the Year (International)

Eternal by Jose A Gomez
Sea of Mists by Eliza Segiet
Cuatro Minutos y Pico by Iban
Shalom by Antonio Blunda
A Woman in a Button-back Dress by Janina Osewska
Nuestras Cadenas by Uslariono
Golden Giant by Hongri Yuan
THE RITUAL by Satis Shroff
A Woman’s Time by Gosha Kulisiewicz

And here are the winners in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2018:


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