Spiritual Season, a poem by Kate Blake at Spillwords.com

Spiritual Season

Spiritual Season

written by: kate blake


when all the shopping is done
seasonal cooking under control
decorations festooning our home

excitement rises about family reunions
anticipated gifts, in jokes and sharing

the spiritual reasons to celebrate this season
brings us resilience, warmth and joy
for this salvation is what it’s all about

not the commercial rushing about
the overspend and mounting tension

but the sincere reflection
on our inner life’s direction
of why we are here, heart felt cheer

so often we are far too busy to pause
but this holiday season allows us reason
to reflect on our year and our achievements

on our spiritual beliefs and heart connections
to share our time and life with those close

genuinely reflect and connect with all that matters
know we are but a fraction of the bigger universe
all humans striving to do our best at His request!

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