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Spotlight On Writers

Daniel S. Liuzzi


  1. Where, do you hail from?

I’m from Western New York (state) or “Upstate New York” as everyone else tends to call us.

  1. What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

The scenery, especially around autumn! We’re known for our winters but it’s not as bad as people say or think it is. There’s a lot of interesting places you can discover here if you know where to look in both the Cities and back roads.

  1. What turns you on creatively?

It depends really. When it comes to poetry (what I first started writing) I took a lot of inspiration from nature. When it’s short stories it’s more like a “Eureka!” moment sometimes but a lot of the times it’s just watching or reading something educational as odd as that may sound, I just hear or see something that makes me interested and before I know it my imagination takes over and if it bugs me enough like an earworm I’ll put it to paper.

  1. What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?

That’s a tough one! Well, I guess I’ll anger some people when I say this but…MOIST. It’s a funny sounding word if you think about it, it almost sounds like a sound an annoyed cat would make!
Oh no my socks are Moist, dry them on the flagpole give ’em a hoist!

  1. What is your pet peeve?

I have a lot I’ll be honest but one has been gnawing at me for as long as I can remember. I call it Deliberate Ignorance; I think that’s what is leading to so many problems in the world today when people just don’t want to understand people who are “Different” from them and let fear take over. I could say it’s laziness on their part because understanding others and learning about them takes effort while hate is effortless.

  1. What defines Daniel S. Liuzzi? 

I would like to think “Adventurer”.  David Bowie said that once you’re just outside your comfort zone you’re in the right place to do something exciting, every time I write I feel like I’m making my comfort zone grow more or I’m letting more of myself out of the cage and to go places. I feel like writing is an adventure for the writer’s soul where they learn more about themselves and share that experience with readers and hopefully inspire others to seek out their own adventures and to share it with others as well, at least I hope that’s what my writings can/will do.

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