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Spring Dive

written by: Corey Brockington


spring dive



Minor delay in G
‘Don’t parachute this Rhapsody’

In expectation for classical thirst
Proclivity has depth
Sky tingles
I mingle with mid-wear
Fickle there
South Shore dazzling a blazer


Wry gull will give way and cry
Where fool shall mimic. Out,
Peace by pieces of eons toil
While last request enLiszts
‘May hell a bliss like summertime’

Rain-throb tishes

‘Then spew foreshadow to heaven, enflamed’
Ground dishes and limbs re-butle
‘As insatiably one with God ‘til ember...’
And bird’s food relays E-flat @ limbo,

Vegetated and inedible,
Soils of bygone



Corey Brockington

Corey Brockington

Corey Brockington begins telling lyrical stories as a songwriter from New York. He becomes survivor of tragedies, lover of change, and poetic storywriter. The Walt Whitman Birthplace Association and HSBC award his poetry anthology while he attends college in search for inner voice. At twenty-nine years old, Corey’s poetic tales transcend his lyrical rhythms into words painted. Subsequently, also know as Brock, he was published in a reflexive collection entitled Yearnings, and is currently orchestrating his first novel. Parallelistic Inker compiles of present and past during his daily commute, whereas he transcribes multi-person viewpoints, nearby shores and skyscrapers for contrast.
Corey Brockington

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