Spring Dive, poetry written by Corey Brockington at Spillwords.com

Spring Dive

Spring Dive

written by: Corey Brockington


spring dive



Minor delay in G
‘Don’t parachute this Rhapsody’

In expectation for classical thirst
Proclivity has depth
Sky tingles
I mingle with mid-wear
Fickle there
South Shore dazzling a blazer


Wry gull will give way and cry
Where fool shall mimic. Out,
Peace by pieces of eons toil
While last request enLiszts
‘May hell a bliss like summertime’

Rain-throb tishes

‘Then spew foreshadow to heaven, enflamed’
Ground dishes and limbs re-butle
‘As insatiably one with God ‘til ember…’
And bird’s food relays E-flat @ limbo,

Vegetated and inedible,
Soils of bygone



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