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Spring in Wings

written by: Aida


Spring sprung like butterfly wings
flapping its wings from flowers to
flowers, she pleases to win.
The sweet nectars of flowers floating,
its fragrance, manifesting song of spring.

A silky cocoon forth a butterfly,
a metamorphosis she transformed...
emerged with delight, an afternoon
of gala like lady Madonna. Her pretty parasol brilliantly gliding, while basking
in the sun.

A tropical show, a phantom of delight.
Spring flowers in zealous blew,
her esteem admiration flew,
attracting more flowers so blue...
till the sundown crept in dark hue.



Aida G. Roque, a teacher for 30 years, a Sped Teacher in Maryland who moved and retired in Delaware, USA. A bilingual poet/ writer hailed in the Philippines and presently residing in the USA. A self published author of 4 children’s books and 3 Collection of Poetry books. An international poet and numerous recipient of global awards for her poems and co-authored anthology with poets, worldwide. Her poems were published by Spillwords NY publishing and Poetrysoup, USA. An emotional poet/writer whose writing speaks of her thoughts from subconscious level and no restriction for her pen to laid down rules and scribbles on first person which gives a certain kind of freedom, subject on nature, world issues, life and human feelings/ emotions, inspire her. All these elements find a place in all her craft. She showcases most of her poems on her FB page. She is presently working towards publishing another 100 poems collection on “Life, Love & Lost” and Short Stories on Women to be published by 2020.

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