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written by: Lakita Speaks



I write through the pain

Sometimes my feelings--my emotions are on mute and only Lauren Hill and India Arie can explain. Heather blows her tunes that puts my feelings a float. Settled in my thoughts, vibing to the notes.

Jill once sang a song whose lyrics I thought hit home...'he loves me'... I was wrong.

Or maybe he just didn't love me long.

When I jump in, I go in feet first! Knowing dern well I can't swim so I'm putting my actions in reverse. I'm not going off the deep end, I'm staying on the shallow end of this pool.

For love I've given up too much and I'm tired of playing the fool.

Lakita Speaks

Lakita Speaks

Born and raised in Maryland, currently residing in the Bronx. I'm a Baltimore girl with a New York State of mind.
Words are my outlet, they free me. Enjoy.
Lakita Speaks

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