Star-Struck, a poem by Taylor Summerlin at



written by: Tay Summerlin



Why is everyone screaming?
Who are they all calling?
They look so happily overwhelmed
I think saw some tears falling

It’s all for a person and their group
The ones with the fame and luck
It’s them who’s leaving everyone
In this thing called star-struck

I never understood
What is this word?
And what it leaves in its wake
It’s completely absurd

I continue to watch from afar
How crazy fans can be
Why do they act like this?
They’re people like you and me

Still, they reach out from the crowd
Towards that famous shmuck
All because they’ve been blinded
By the condition called star-struck

Some fans lift up their posters
Others express their love vocally
Some make their own fan merch
Others buy their gear boastfully

While some try to be subtle
Others desperately want that affection
They’ll even go to extreme lengths
To get that attention

A lot find this normal
To me it’s running amok
And it’s all because
Of the ones causing the star-struck

I heard there are some cases
Where this isn’t that bad
In fact, because it’s exhilarating
All you feel is glad

Never would I dream
I would ever feel this way
That all changed
When I met you that day

After the thrilling concert
Our encounter was at the Meet and Greet
We took a picture together
And my heart skipped a beat

I then looked into your eyes
And you looked into mine
I felt numb and breathless
Yet, strangely enough, I was also fine

We said our goodbyes
Where I wished you well
I then left smiling
I was overjoyed, you could tell

That’s when I realized
It hit me like a truck
That it was you of all people
Who made me finally understand star-struck

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