Still I Wait, poetry by Shraddha S Sahu at

Still I Wait

Still I Wait…

written by: Shraddha S Sahu



Just like a stone
Out of your house
Lingering there
Forever to have a glimpse
In these unslept eyes…
And you come out of
Your castle
Without ever noticing me…
What an ecstasy I feel
to capture you
In all pink!!
Tis not easy to love you
Still I wait
Just like the soothing grass
Always ready to welcome you
And you come trampling me
Under your feet
And I feel blessed
That you touched me…

I am just like a mercury
Revolving closely around you, my sun
You burn me with a fire
And I feel rejuvenated
Burning in my desire
As proximity kills me
Still I love you my sun
For you are my existence…
I revisit the past…
To collect the pearls
You had once given
I still ornate myself
With those pearls…
And you have forgotten…
Still I love you…

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