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written by: Jacqueline De Notogh



Stood alone yet not isolated

Surrounded by those who are similar

Everlasting yet worn by nature

Resolute yet not unyielding.


Many seasons have been endured

Shaped and molded by the elements

Though formidable, not yet broken

All in nature is vunerable.


Unnoticed by many it endures

Admired for its grandeur

It cannot be moved easily

Save by those guile & cunning.


The years have taken their toll

Time passes & the edges become worn

But its strength never diminishes

Its purpose never wavers.


Made by nature

          Challenged by nature

                    Born of this world

                                Is man’s soul so different.


Divided from nature we are lost, united with nature we are invincible.

Jacqueline De Notogh

Jacqueline De Notogh

I grew up in the UK in a house filled with books and was encouraged to read and write from an early age. My family emigrated to Canada when I was 9 and I have lived in both places at various times since. I later studied Literature & philosphy at University and consider myself very much still a student of those subjects. I aspire to write the way EE Cummigs describes poetry should be written from deep rooted emotion.
Jacqueline De Notogh

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