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written by: Laura Lee


It had been one of those days
or weeks or months or years.

But the blue shadows and the
sandy starfish and the
green arm that could reach
made her head
stop pounding so much.

This is the way the purple
leapt to her lips,
a complaint or a smile.
This is the way
blue surrounded her eyes while
her nose stayed strong.

She could smell
something was very wrong
or something could become
very right.

Green arm or not the reach
on the beach was grand and
don’t look too closely or
look closely
you might see
the bottle.

It was always about the bottle,
Wasn’t it?
Some precious liquid leaked
or waited
to be poured.
Some precious message
waited to be read.
Some precious place
summoned her.
Or some precocious
stopper stayed

It had been one of those days
or weeks or months or years:
leaked, waited, poured,
read, summoned,

Laura Lee

Laura Lee

Laura Lee is a Chicago area poet, college instructor, and writer living outside of Chicago. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published in the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Greece. Her website is: Laura Lee Writer Poet Educator.
Laura Lee

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