Stormy Emotions, a poem written by Laura M. Baird at
Yoann Boyer

Stormy Emotions

Stormy Emotions

written by: Laura M. Baird



her mind is a frenzy, her body sore
her screams are silent, rattling her core
her thoughts are scattered, her soul aches
her spirit weary, her heart about to break

the wind howls, whipping violently around
with feet planted, will she stay aground
the seas rage, battering the shore
can she herself stand much more

she does it all, trying to please
but who does for her, giving her burdens an ease
can she bend and not break, remaining strong
paste on a smile, showing nothing is wrong

her empathy is compassion, taking a toll
still she shines her light, knowing no other role
emotions eventually settle, her partner by her side
with peace and reflection, love will stem the tide

be selfish, be giving
balance is key
give joy, accept praise
as it’s meant to be

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