Summer Breezes, prose by Colleen M. Tice at

Summer Breezes

Summer Breezes

written by: Colleen M. Tice



Take me back to the Summer breezes and hay field days. From the start, I was hooked on you like the bee to honey. I never thought I’d find the one that would save my life. How time flies by, do you remember the times of water fights and vinegar tea sun burn remedies?
I know this is crazy, the words are insane but I know we would find each other in another life time.
Do you remember sneaking off to sit beneath the apple tree and stealing kisses behind the shade? Do you remember the first time you and I laid our heads on each other’s chests?
Taking me back to the hazy summer of youthful love. Just wanting to spend the rest of my summer days with you. To spend the rest of my life with you?

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