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Summer Time

Summer Time

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



Don’t go yet, summer
Stay a little longer
Fall is approaching fast
And all of the leaves will crumble
So will the memory of us
Stay, don’t go
I need that warmth of your sun
To cover my skin
To nestle my sadness
And hold me deep within
Don’t leave me now
This love affair has just begun
Let me lay in your warmth a bit longer
Please don’t end it now
Turn around
Come back to me
My skin isn’t ready
For the chill that’s forming within
Grey days of loneliness
Dark nights stabbing
my broken soul
Hold me a little longer
Cradle me
And kiss me
With the fire of your sun
With the luxury of your storms
Rattle me like thunder
Break me free again

Summer time,
Please don’t leave me
Please, don’t go.

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