Sunflowers and Unicorns, poetry by Mogau Ntsoane at
Todd Kent

Sunflowers and Unicorns

Sunflowers & Unicorns

written by: Mogau Ntsoane



Gracing through a field of sunflowers
With the sun against my face
My shoulders are light my head is clear
the soft rhythm of my heartbeat is all I hear
Singing along with the birds
a hymn here, a hymn there
Winter came, and winter left
A trail of tears now spring is here
No more tears, no more fear
This is what being wrapped in unicorn glitter feels like
I like it here

Market fairs
Milkyway stairs
Shower dates
Bed made dates
and fun days
Dreamy days and dream catchers
I don’t know how long you are here
but while you last, I will follow fashion trends
Tightly hug my friends
Make short-term amends
Might even meet a lover or two and let them hold my hand…



This is a response to a previously published poem WHEN WINTER COMES. It was so heavy I felt it needed a lighter version of it.

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