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written by: Glen McKenzie



shepherds of the day start to move

undaunted of what happened before their progress begins

now as in time immortal

slipping behind a flat horizon

ever slowly it finishes

tomorrow is but a night of darkness away

Glen McKenzie

Glen McKenzie

A +50-year-old(although very young at heart) hiker; canoe tripper; adventurer and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys craft beer.

Hiking, canoe tripping as well as other outdoor adventure activities, can be seen as a metaphor for living. Both are journey’s filled with scores of good and not so good steps. Highs and lows; successes and failures.

Over the years, have realized that spending time in the outdoors pursuing whatever type of outdoor activity you choose opens up a wonderful and life-changing array of lessons on living and ourselves if, we are willing to stop, observe and listen.

Come and join me.
Glen McKenzie

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