Survival III written by Jacob Damstra at

Survival III

Survival III

written by: Jacob Damstra



Routine is not the enemy.
Routine is the foundation
of our ability to maintain
composure and integrity
when uncertainty takes over
and we need to regain control.
Stubbornness is the enemy,
the inability to change,
the inadaptability,
the unwillingness to flex
with any circumstance,
at any time, on any day.
One who is stubborn in their ways,
who cannot reroute routine
to overcome, to pass between,
is doomed to fail, to fall, to flee.

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Jacob Damstra

Jacob Damstra

Jacob is a father of three, a litigation lawyer, a coach, a volunteer, a writer, and a poet. He is the co-founder and co-contributer of a blog called Contemplations, which shares thoughts, advice, and reflections on Personal Growth & Practical Philosophy, Professional Development & Career Advice, and Parenting & Relationships, as well as a poem or poetic prose.
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