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written by: Keith Hoerner



engrossed with millions of americans
in others’ misfortunes
       movement distracts me
       from the nearly two-hundred pound nine year old on tv
       you carry a juicy earthworm in your bone-colored beak
       to feed three tiny, ravenous chicks
       outside my window
the image of padlocks on pantries
screaming boy man, sobbing mother
       then you again – wings spread victorious
       return with another twisting morsel
millions of pixels shed light on
conflicted emotions
pastel-plastic cafeteria trays
moderated portions face down on the floor
       ah, the image of you
       the even-measured pace
       with which you feed
       so naturally
       beaks wide open
       tufts of plumage
       sunlit-exposed organs
       through tissue-paper skin
commercial-sponsored judgment is rendered
guilt through gluttony
human failing
self-will run riot
tormented guests stand, starve
for tangible solutions
       as you fly away                            
       with the one                true                         answer

Keith Hoerner

Keith Hoerner

Keith Hoerner lives, teaches, and pushes words around in St. Louis, Missouri.
Keith Hoerner

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