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Sweet Child Of Mine

Sweet Child Of Mine

written by: Marshall Hughes



Only a lover and soulmate can wound so much
Disbelief, the initial shock, and ultimate loss
Leaves a rift, chasm, deep, within your heart
Tumbling, sinking, into the depths of despair
Not knowing, how, when, it will ever repair.

Restless, sleepless nights, unable to succumb
To a place of peace, dreams and emotion undone
A few hours of release are a temporary sanctuary
Awaken, the memories return with such force
Flooding the mind with love, regret, and remorse.

The thief, grief, not only steals sleep but appetite alike
Ravenous, gorging, feasting on denial of the situation
It also waits, in anticipation of the anger that will follow
To feed on this negative energy but necessary emotion
Knowing that acceptance is inevitable, time in motion.

Like a knife that penetrates to the core of your soul
The first cut is the deepest, the heartache, unbearable
But only your inner strength can mend that broken heart
So, be strong, carry on, and find support from within
It takes a while, the road to recovery is about to begin.

The minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, come to pass
And slowly, the anguish lifts, lightens, mending the heart
And then you will know, it is time for a brand-new start
Spread your wings and fly child, I want to see you smile
As a young woman, your precious life is truly versatile.



This is for you, my sweet girl, with love, for the strength to carry on in life.

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