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Sweet Comfort from my friend, Sharon

Sweet Comfort from my friend, Sharon

written by: Joan McNerney


After eating three cookies, memories
of being twenty years old surround me.
Light bright dazzling, so fast, so sure
on high heels hurrying to work.
He ran but couldn’t catch up. Another
one of those out-of-towners.

Now fifty five years later, I should decide
what actually must be done on my LIST.
Would rather collapse on the couch.
Stare out the window. Better yet sink
into bed. Lie down blissfully and
reflect on life with all its zig zags.

Yet I must get up try to conquer just
one chore of dreaded housework.
Cookies beckon me. Three real
buttery spicy sugar cookies.
I surrender to this sweet magic,
soothing a cascade of years.



This poem is dedicated to a fine poet and friend.  Sharon Ruetenik.  She keeps my spirits up.

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