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written by: Reganhia



Today I swing.
Between euphoria and depression.
No one knows the depths to which the hell of my mind flows. It’s a happy place then it’s dark.
I cut and I bleed.
I watch the flow of blood.
It calms me.
It surrounds me.
I am surrounded by the ever growing flood.

I look at my scars as stories untold.
The beauty of my depression. Our love has yet to grow old. These scars represent the “other” side of me.
The voices in the darkness, where I becomes we.
People say I am crazy,
I have the help I need. My friends keep me company.
A pleasant life we lead.

Maybe one day I will live to tell our tale;
But for now I bleed until the heart of my pulse fades away. Don’t cry for me,
I am in a place I no longer hurt.
My friends and I are together forever. I am at peace.
Throw the dirt.

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