Table Talk, poetry written by Liam Flanagan at
Ahmad Ossayli

Table Talk

Table Talk

written by: Liam Flanagan



You a former self sit across the table
I could give you so much advice now
Each piece contributing to how to live a happy life
A road to follow less so many twists and turns
Humps and hollows
A simpler way to live being kind to yourself all times
To take life easy resisting the urge to burn the candle both ends
The flame still exists less hot yet enough to feel the warmth inside
To love oneself and surround yourself with others you love too
Choosing a partner to share the good times and the bad
Know your health really is your wealth and life is there to be enjoyed
Strife to be the best human being you can be realizing your potential
Overcoming any obstacles which may
be put in your way

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