A Letter, poem written by Bogpan at Spilwords.com

A Letter

A Letter written by: Bogpan @panbog2   I’m writing a letter to you. It’s in a maze. Like me. Surely you’ve seen the Perseids. Above the sea. It’s t...
Into Life written by Honey Pot at Spillwords.com

Into Life

Into Life written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   could you perhaps let me write you to life that way we may meet flesh to flesh see eye to eye kiss ...
Don't Tell Me by Robbie Masso at Spillwords.com

Don’t Tell Me

Don't Tell Me written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   Don’t tell me it’s okay to sleep, for I will sleep forever. My bed is made of sand. Don’t tell ...