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Take Every Chance, Drop Every Fear

Take Every Chance, Drop Every Fear

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


Tears of fear are flooding both of my eyes
Agony, inhibiting me, enough of these lies
Kisses of death are inflaming my weak body
End this unbearable pain. Help! somebody

Evil thoughts are occupying all of my mind
Voices of dark sarcasm are leaving me blind
Earthquakes won’t stop and I cannot stand
Rivers won’t run, lands are dry, this is the end
Yesterday seems far and hope turned to sand

Cover my naked fragile soul, I feel cold
Hold my hands so I won’t fall, I am old
All of my family and friends are now gone
Nights of chasm turned my heart to stone
Carry my story to the world, I’m not staying
Embrace my body, wipe off my tears, I’m crying

Death is now near, I can hear its whispers
Rage and terror are dizzying me like twisters
Oh! maleficent vicious power, won’t you free me
Put off the fire, listen to me, listen to my plea

Every child of war knows my helping hand
Voices of the sufferings see where I stand
Rivers of hope, like ink are writing my story
Endless forests of truth are praising my glory
You are now killing my pure spirit as a slave

Falling leaves are descending on my grave
Embracing the soul of this innocent brave
Ancient mountains are crying over my name
Reciting songs to the world, reciting my fame

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