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Take Me To My Own Town

Take Me To My Own Town

written by: Masooma Ali


Take me to my town
I have lost my way
I was sent and told
Of a beautiful world
A world full of human
Peace and love
Beating in every heart

I couldn’t find any
My bones are shivering
Carrying on, with this barren road
There are screams of hunger
The voices of wars
The bullets and blasts
Creeping out my soul

Take me to my town
I have lost my way
Here’s so dark
I’m so afraid of this way
Gloomy faces,
Gloomy souls
Governing their kingdom
Cheers innocent blood
In their diamond cabernet glasses

They killed my family
Just for a little piece of their land
They washed all my beaming hopes
With the dark blood
Rolled down from my eyes
Of their fears and their stormy wrath

O, men,
I was sent from heaven
With a bunch of daffodils in hand
To share my part of the peace and love
You blooded them too
By your tumult
My heart was stained
By bloods and bloods
Even flowers were lost
In this valley of blinds and stoned hearts

Here’s me among evils
A single surviving Rose
Rising my hand for calling my Lord
Taking me out of this chaotic world
It seems, he too has left
the kingdom of stones and blinds

Please, will you take me to my own town
I have lost my way…

Masooma Ali

Masooma Ali

An Afghan writer, Masooma Ali was raised in a men dominated society. For her survival she migrated to Pakistan. She got education there. She has done her BS in English Literature. She is a writer and has written many poems, odes and short stories, and her first collection "Selenophile odes." Her only dream is to be a well known writer so that she could raise her voice against negativities (wars, racism, feminism, child or women abuse...)
Masooma Ali

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