Taoist Song, poetry by Linda Marie Hilton at Spillwords.com
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Taoist Song

Taoist Song

written by: Linda Marie Hilton


“I will cast out Wisdom and reject Learning.
My thoughts shall wander in the Great Void.”

I will banish human preconceptions
My mind will be a blank photographic plate
On which to record a lepton’s curve
But I shall ignore science’s traditions
My blank mind will patiently wait
Evidence of symmetrons sent by Minerva

“In the Beginning there was Nothing.
Nothing was Dark. Nothing was Hungry,
Devouring. …..Then there was Light……”

At the center of our galaxy there rests a Black Hole
Anything within its gravitational reach will fall
Into it to be compressed into a denseness
Grabbing all, even light in a vastness
When it reaches critical mass it will explode
Creating dust clouds which will congeal
Some to stoking suns, some to dense planets

My thoughts shall wander in the Great Void
Of inter solar spaces to find traces
Of what is between, so shall I glean
Presence of antimatter, boldness of Dark Matter
To understand this I must be patient
I must not compare and contrast
I must do nothing fast
But only observe quietly, patiently,
Let what is leave traces
On my mind as a blank slate
Describe it without prejudice
Is this of the Fifth Force evidence?

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