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Tarini's Unbridled Enthusiasm

written by: Nivedita Das


When little Tarini goes to the park to play,
this is what she has to say!
Let me enjoy nature’s beauty,
far from cacophony of city!
Let me play on Mother Earth’s lap,
watch butterflies as they flap!
Smell wet soil and caress tender flowers,
tune in on breeze in the trees!
Listen to whisper in the wind around,
catch jingling dew drops on the ground!
Collect wild flowers and enjoy,
search for little pockets of joy!
Feel change of seasons winter to spring,
enjoy bees music like harp strings!
See clouds forming shapes in sky,
watch birds spread wings and soar high!
Pay attention to musical echoes of rain,
and thunder clattering like insane!
Watch the sun at twilight,
waxing winter moon in the night!
Let me learn my lessons and find answers to the rattle of questions that are deep like oceans!!

Nivedita Das

Nivedita Das

Homemaker, Mother, Nature lover, Voracious reader, Story teller.
Nivedita Das

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