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written by: Rob Clark



happened w/o warning
one morning
Like a summer pop-up thunderstorm forming
Her passion began pouring
Magic unfathomed
Function w/o form
I stood in awe
it all
for a moment
while holding
her umbrella

Dreaming in silhouette
But her passion is in Technicolor

Reaching her deep end
she’s all so wet
She puts the “ass” in “pASSion” as I unfold her

She wets my face
with her taste
Beautiful origami

Reckless in her curves
to turn around
& drown
in her tsunami

Lost in her beckoned touch
Beneath the stars
Her essence was
that a fluorescent love
In her deepest parts
Smitten after given what she was missing

Breathing heavy
Her sweetest essence
the bedding

I bring it to 10
Exceeding what’s expected
Now she’s
Needing 11

I’m lost in her soft skin
like Autumn

Beautiful blossom

My tongue’s pressure
kept her stirred
in untethered thirst

My ink ledgered
her pleasure versed
She was taunting me
Wanting me to release a treasured burst
I respectfully declined
& let her first

She showcased
her O face
As I swerved
through her curves
with no brakes

Sensual stencils
in digital pencil
It’s National Cat Month
I’m putting her
purrfect fervent
feature on a pedestal
It’s almost Autumn
I’m still perpetual
in falling
I’m all in
I’m all hers
The bed is the altar
Delicious felicide
Running through all 9 lives


A Pandering proxy
Pleasure leisurely loitering along the periphery
Tempting me to give chase
My quill tip dipped
The ink quipped
stains the page
No regret
for what can’t be erased
I keep each page wet
w/the fresh taste

Leather fetters
Ropes in knots
Strewn across
hopes & thoughts
Passion soaked whims
Begging to begin
Knows I’ll take her
where she’s never been

An uncropped
of treasured
into the depths
of the swim
til out of breath
then she’s begging
to begin again

Lacey embellishment
So tasty
I dwelled a bit
in the smell of it
Calling her Cinderella
I felt would fit
I fishtailed a bit
In her glass slipper
Yes!! She cried as I divided the sky
with my Big Dipper

Touch me until
an eruption spills
flooding your fields
Nothing feels
quite like it
My fuse
Ignite it
My Muse
Infuse divine bliss
So that I might write it
and inspire others
to inspire one another
so that fire thunders
the desire of lovers

Hot as the Bahamas
fish out of
She likes that good marijuana

I’m entangled in the red strands of her wildfire
while she blooms
under a full moon
Like a field of wildflowers

only wears
& the moonlight

Mon chéri
Sweet Candy
Her Bordeaux cherry
Bathed in brandy

Heavy, my breath grows

I watch her flex slow
thru each sex pose
Kisses & hugs
Favored flavor
Kept close
for every next dose

cloven lips
Their symmetrical split
I trek trips for the wet
Little sips
of that splendid bliss

My tender
Leaves bleed
from green
to crimsons & orange
As I
& settle
deep within
the warmth
those lips pour

Devouring sin
Her full moon bloom
Flowering within
She showers me with skin

For hours I swim

& around, stirred
these found words penned
about her curves & bends

In her fall breeze
I’m all knees
My face
along the divide
Tasting the divine

They never abandon me in full
Each & every fantasy of you
I imagine a scene in zoom
Me managing each bloom
Tending your buds
under waxing moons
From New
to Full

& mystical

& prose
I compose
My every last thought
against the stelliferous backdrop

Under her love spells
Damn, doesn’t she flex well
Blessed wet tail
I’m loving her smell
so much
that I wear the taste
on my face
Like fashion statements

I leave that kitten smitten
Trophies & blue ribbons
My passion placements

Turn out the light
I don’t need eyes to see
The words I write
from something alive in me

Turn out the light
The sky is a sea
I’ll ink out my life
Watch me bleed

Turn out the light
& let’s drown in the night
while watching the stars breathe

Whispers refined
Into each moment sublime
A sweet surrender
You’re tenderly mine

I catch my breath
then dive back into the deep
Each sublime moment beneath
A perpetual rinse & repeat

Her erotic eyes
give rise
to the fires
of my quixotic desires

Opportunity knocks
along the periphery
An exotic mystery
which never tires

Roots dig deep

A chase strewn
across the horizon

A panorama
of passion
spilling splendidly
endless possibility

An intermittent intermission…

Silent lucidity
A soft pause
Yet the rhythmic essence
never falls off
The violaceous iridescence
of each timeless vestige
I aim to be where her lips fall
Stir in her curves
The shape of her hips
A long awaited return to bliss

Yearning compulsions
keep turning her over
I whisper scripture onto her scrolls
Into her curves & tender folds
I burn slow as she smolders
& sweetly surrenders control

Into her softest wet depths
I dive deep
& often forget to breathe

Black roses
& thorns
Delectable in black lace
I escape into her form
into the taste
into the taste

Ever softly deeper now
Forgetting breathe
Bound to drown
into the taste

Thinking about
the last time
I saw you
my breath.

That was 2 days ago
& your taste hasn’t left.

She runs wild in spring grass
My imagination is too great for her to grasp
I never ever even ask
To be honest
I’d never dare begin to
My pen tip dripping fool
as I swim thru
To drown in them
would release me
But this was
never meant
to be easy

Sensual origami

Folds of the Soul exposed
Body in chrome
Spilling into me
I’m feeling the
story told

Sensual tsunami

Her fantastic flora flourishing
when given nourishment
& room to grow

I stir in the thirst
Fully immersed
I burn
so slow

My lips
scribble scripture
her sun-kissed skin
I’m scratching my witch itch
quick fix

Her naked curves
on a #SalemVerse

I’m zeroed in
on her glowing skin
If practice makes perfect
I promise you
I’m an expert

at the tip of my tongue
She’s getting
what she’s craving
& coming undone

A gentleman
w/the devil’s grin
Swimming in the tasty sin
of her skin
& drowning in every bend

When I woke up
It was a stroke of luck
I hadn’t overslept

Kissed you on the forehead
& slipped out the bed
It was dark outside

I began to remember freeze frames from last night’s adventure
Your back arched & sparks flying

I woke up in love w/you again

She is
my melancholy sunrise
Always hard to come by
the yawn of dawn

Painting the periphery
the color of Paradise

Little shards
of my soul
in the twilight

My beautiful mosaic heart embracing all that is dark
It’s there
she is

Fervent turns
into your curvature
Stir these words
into unrehearsed verse
Fully immersed in
the thirst quenched
I imagine this
didn’t happen by accident

Passionate overtones
felt fully
in each & every sober bone
My awakened soul
& an incredible journey Home
Blessed w/a mind
capable of discerning
Right now I’m learning
to return back to the basics
of the dreams I’m chasing
of you & me drowning in sensation

Her vibrance permeated my eyelids
& for a single moment
I wasn’t blind anymore
My visual cortex lit up like the 4th of July
then my sight was forced back into perpetual night

Our passions peddled
as passing vessels

When love is melting skin
I’m compelled to swim
Because tomorrow isn’t promised
for all of this
to be felt again
So, I’m in phase resonating
Awakened anew
I’m a slave to the taste of you
Naked & nascent
In full bloom

Step into the light
Blessed by the depth of night
The more I know one
The better I know the other
This art of falling apart
Mastering how to recover

She leans soft against my hard edges
Why is her tenderness so damn wretched?
She takes my breath
& I catch it

Trekking my way
Across her
Violets in full bloom
Exposed skin
Lace & stilettos set the zoom

She climbs my Eiffel Tower
to feel my rifle’s power
Her bangs hang, lovely
While her body smiles
& loiters above me
Lingering in lingerie for round two

Eyes upon your picturesque vistas
lips hugging the corners
in the ese of your curves
Caught between your breath
and the flesh of your words
Passion pounding in my chest
against your breasts
Love perfectly stirred
These words were his,
now let me hear hers….

With a devilish grin
I can’t help but to spin
around in your kink
Candied-cherry endeavors
Lead me down deep
into buried treasures
Keep my head held beneath
’til you melt into the sheets
This alchemy of pleasure

…the ways you melt
the night unbound
Taste & smell
Sight & sound

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