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Tea Cakes For Christmas

written by: Mary Bone


Tea cakes were a regular treat for Andrew when he was growing up. His mother made the cakes for after school and at Christmas time.
He remembered running into the house as a child and yelling, "Are there any more tea cakes?" His mother would say," We saved some just for you."

After Andrew's mom passed away and he was a grown man, he was still searching for someone to make the tea cakes like his mom used to make. She had a secret ingredient and never wrote down the recipe. That ingredient was so special and was called, "Love."

Mary Bone

Mary Bone

Mary Bone has written two books of poetry. Her recent poetry and short stories can be found at Spillwords, Literary Yard, Best Poetry website and in an upcoming issue of Creative Expressions. Mary has been writing short stories and poetry since the age of twelve.
Mary Bone

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