Tea Stall, a poem written by Parveen at Spillwords.com

Tea Stall

Tea Stall

written by: Parveen


In a small rustic tea stall where
aroma of tea comes wafting mixed with kerosene
Dimly lit hues of late afternoons
draw crisscross patterns on my heart full of longing
The scraped plaster on the walls tells stories of bygones
The wooden stools whisper to me that you have been here
Sipping tea from ridged glasses
Singing songs of Shiv and Sahir
Eyeing the sly beauty on the opposite table
Whereas another smiled coyly by your side

These places talk about you to me
The winter sun still carries the warmth of you having basked under it,
discussing Nothing, everything, and life
Every nook says how you
have belonged here once upon a time
And How I am late in coming looking for you now
You Left a while ago
Just a little while or maybe more…

Now you sip tea from fine porcelain
In some place unknown to me
The fragrance of freshly brewed ambrosia now mixes with the memories of those left behind noons and days
I sit today breathing in you
where I could not be when you were

But did you ever leave …..
I am not sure


© Parveen Sethi 2016

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