Tear Shards, a poem written by Don Knowles at Spillwords.com
Ihor Malytskyi

Tear Shards

Tear Shards

written by: Don Knowles



There’s a tear’s shard twisting in the foundation of my eye.
A wedge to keep the mourning flowing
Dislodged or dislocated its point reorientation to its station is unrelenting.
Its axis fixed on my blunted emotions.
I could see this situation in a foretelling based within cold facts.
I memorized all my heart reactions
But splinters dig deep with each motion.
They twist deeper with a flashed memory notion.
And No, time being what it is doesn’t make a passing over easy.
Time only numbs the pain you are receiving.
Until the day the shard has been flushed away through inundation.
Flash floods of salty tears you are releasing.
Then all is left is sweet love once given
Tucked into reverberated memorial cell, a safe keeping.
A tap, a click away from soaring retelling
Of the bonds, the love you shared from its beginnings.

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