Tears.... Let Them Flow, poetry by Monika Ajay Kaul at Spillwords.com
Hamid Tajik

Tears…Let Them Flow

Tears… Let Them Flow

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



Let these tears have freedom to slither down
from wet yet affable eyes.
Let them flow one after another
like a cascade giving life around.

Let the stream of brine flow,
releasing the regrets and despair.
Let them flow and put an end
whatever has been clenched inside.

Let them flow with some silent sobs
and with piercing whine.
Let the tears flow to dour the soul
in the fire of the sufferings.

Let them flow till the bygone is washed off
and the ensuing is crystal bright.
Let them flow till the pain is faraway thing
and joy and glee is all to see.

Let them flow so that sobs no more are unwelcome, and you never regret to cry.
Let them flow..
Let them flow..

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