Tears of The Victoria Falls, poetry by Amos Momo Ngumbu, Jr. at Spillwords.com
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Tears of The Victoria Falls

Tears of The Victoria Falls

written by: Amos Momo Ngumbu, Jr.



Mighty Victoria Falls,
The pride of African hearts,
The heroine of the battle,
She dances with the richest of tears.
In the midst of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mighty Victoria,
Thy voice shall never be silenced.
Though you crawl on a rock just to sing,
Your song to our ears.

Mosi-Oa Tunya,
The smoke that thunders.
Attraction to the westerners,
Eye of tourism, ear to the sound of thy waves.
Pleasant in nature,
Thy tears shall flow with a shining smile.

Falls shall abide by thy honor,
Sing praises unto thy name.
Sharpen every contradiction, then
The fools shall be laid in the devil pool.
Oh mighty be Victoria’s!
Your tears shall embrace our hearts with excitement.

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